Facing Mickey Singh Overload This Month

Asian-American artist Mickey Singh just dropped two, I repeat, TWO music videos on the same God Damn day! Both songs are actually really good, with some high-quality music composition—I’m loving the production of these songs, shout out to my man Upside Down and to Sanjoy for the amazing job.

But on the real, does this kid sleep?

kevin hart, shock, blink

Just last month he released the hit track “Phone,” I’m still not done playing that jam on repeat and then he brings me two more songs?

Too much good music at once and for those of you who haven’t seen him in action, let me just say Singh is just as talented performing live as he is on a track.

The first time I met Singh was maybe 3 or 4 years ago when I covered an event he performed at. He was this hyperactive little kid who became too popular too soon and had no idea what to do with his popularity. Honestly, I thought the kid would crash and burn like every other Disney channel child star who tried to make it big as an adult. I was waiting for the inevitable fall…

Britney Spears, waiting

Singh actually surprised me with his change in demeanor, and I’m so GLAD to be wrong. He didn’t stay a “kid” he matured into a successful business man. Lucky for Singh, he kept his shit together, he worked hard and I’ve seen the changes in him first hand. He started off all fluff and now he’s developed some substance in his personality as well as his work.

I am highly biased and deeply in love with Mickey Singh as an artist so you probably shouldn’t trust my opinion when it comes to Singh.

clueless, cher, my bad

I probably would be more physically attracted to him if he was older, sadly he’s a little nugget that’s too young for me. My own brothers are only 2-4 years younger than me and it weirds me out dating/crushing a younger guy—but that’s a story for another day.

Check out “Hold Me” and “Lost” for yourselves because again, I’m totally biased since Mickey Singh’s my baby nugget.


First thing’s first, I’m so glad to see the blonde go, it wasn’t terrible but he looks so much more adorable as a brunette. Also, I hate when the girls in music videos don’t fit the role they’re meant to play—don’t ask, it just frustrates me to no end.

That being said, I have to mention the girl in “Lost” is stunning! She is so pretty and sweet looking with her chubby cheeks. Singh looks younger than he is, and this lovely model definitely matches well with him. She isn’t fat by any means, but I love that she is a curvy girl and not a size-zero-eating-air-for-breakfast-stick-figure—high-five to my nugget for loving girls of all shapes.



The “Hold Me” video reminded me of a toxic relationship, sort of a Bonny and Clyde meets “Love The Way You Lie” inspired video, no?

I think this was the same girl in the “Phone” music video and although she is gorgeous, she looked too old for him in “Phone.” She looks a bit younger and more fun in “Hold Me” however. Chronologically, she’s probably his age or younger but since Singh has that baby-face I’m not too sure how I feel about this pairing.

Side note, that was one shitty looking motel…just sayin.

 [Gif sources: Giphy]


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