“Ok Jaanu”—A look at What 60-year-old’s Think Millennials do

Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor reunite in the Hindi remake of the popular Tamil film “Ok Kanmani” by Mani Ratnam. The Hindi remake, titled “Ok Jaanu” is hopefully the big break Kapur needs to bring his career back up, the actor has been releasing some seriously shitty films recently. “Ok Jaanu” is produced by Mani Ratnam and Karan Johar, with talented creators like these two behind the film, hopefully, it has a storyline of some substance.

Keyword: Hopefully.

Pitched as a “millennial love story,” the duo in this film is a couple who live together but don’t want to get married.


oh, snap.

Log Kya Kahenge!?!

The trailer basically depicts the couple falling for each other due to physical chemistry and have a lot of sex—news flash guys, that’s not ALL millennials do, we have more standards than “oh hot damn look at that ass.” But please continue to tell me how 45-65-year-olds think I live my life.

Hillary Clinton, annoyed
The couple only wants to stay together until their careers take off but of course, love gets in the way. Seriously, it’s a Dharma production guys, what else did you think would happen?

Essentially, each character must choose if they want to stay with their no-strings-attached relationship that turned into a habit and then real love or follow their dream careers.

Wasn’t the film “Befikre” along these lines regarding a no-strings-attached relationship? I wouldn’t know, the trailer of that film was disturbing enough for me to avoid actually watching the film. The real question is what is different about “Ok Jaanu” because Bollywood has done the live-in relationships and no-strings-attached relationships with films like “Salaam Namastey” and “Cocktail” among others already.

By the way am I the only one who though the title of the film is corny as f?

Who says Jaanu anymore? That’s a term reserved for high-maintenance soul-sucking girls straight from the motherland who want their well-trained puppies—I mean boyfriends to follow their orders.

I can hear it now…

“Jaaaaannnuuuu can you hold my purse for me? Jaaannnuu I really need this new diamond necklace, all my friends already have one, I’ll be sooooo left out. Jaaannnuuu….Jaaaaannuu ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME???”

HOWEVER, I think I will watch this film when it releases January 13th as I do like Shraddha Kapoor, even though she basically has the same personality in every film.

 [Gif sources: Giphy]

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