#NowOnRepeat: Laila Main Laaaiiillaaaa

No-So-Breaking-News: Bollywood CONTINUES to lack originality in its film soundtracks!


What a shocker.

However, even though filmmakers continue to recreate classic songs of the past when everyone just wants them to stop, sometimes they do come up with a decent remake. The film “Raees” starring Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan just released a new item song featuring the one and only, Sunny Leone.

I have to say I’m loving the “Laila O Laila” remake. The song is still catchy with its iconic beat ever present throughout. I actually feel like the song has been given new life because, with this modern, upbeat twist, the music composers have just brought the track up to date without ruining its original beauty.

Of course, Leone is the epitome of gorgeous sensuality, I can’t think of a better item girl! I love that this girl is smiling throughout the song, you can tell she had a blast shooting this. Plus those are some steamy moments between Khan and Leone!

During a Facebook Live session, Leone told her fans how she couldn’t believe that Khan had even called her up to be in the song.

“When I got the call for Laila Main Laila, I was like are you sure you have called the right number?” Leone told fans on Facebook. “It took me a while to believe it but I am so happy that I got this opportunity.”

Literally, Leone is living the dream of every girl that ever fell for King Khan. She too grew up on SRK films and her fondest memories include him.

“One of the first films that I watched while with my mother was Kal Ho Naa Ho,” Leone told India Express in an interview. “I knew what was coming, what the dialogues were but still my mother and I would sit and cry.”

She’s also totally hyped about being able to recreate the magic of Zeenat Aman.

“My name and Zeenatji’s name in the same frame…what more can I ask for?” Leone told India Express. “I don’t care even if people say that Sunny looks like s**t in the song.”

As much as people hate on Leone, I absolutely love her. She is unapologetic, brave, and knows how to answer creeper journalists with grace. She is not ashamed of her past because it made her the person she is and I believe she’s even she doesn’t regret her choices. Why would she? It paid her bills, built her an empire, led her to her wonderful husband. It may not be the prettiest route to take to success, but not everything is a yellow brick road leading to clouds of Unicorns—sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

sunny leone, interview

During her Facebook Live session, she also mentions that this opportunity is a chance for her to show her critics that fans still love her and stars do appreciate her.

“Laila for me, in my professional career, is the best moment ever,” Leone said. “For all those people who said no one wanted to work with you, some really said some bad things, said that I will never accomplish anything, I would be here (in Bollywood) for a year or two then gone, this opportunity is the best thing for me as this proves that anything can happen.”

I’m all about the DIY life and reusing old products to create something magical, however, just because it worked for “Laila” doesn’t it works every time. Sometimes the iconic songs of yesteryear are best left alone.

So if you’re thinking of producing a remake of a classic….

sunny leone, no

[Gif sources: Giphy]


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