Sister-In-Laws: ‘Till Death do you Part

This year we saw a lot of weddings in our family—and I mean A FREAKING LOT. here has been an addition of many new sister-in-laws. Some I have met and known for some time while others were totally new. It’s funny how some of the new sister-in-laws whom I’ve known longer are having a harder time adjusting to the family than others.

Sister-in-laws can be a hit or miss, sometimes you get along glowingly while others you can’t stand. Regardless, this happens to be your idiot brother’s pick and now you’re stuck with this girl, ’till death do you part—and she’s stuck with you.

michelle tanner, full house, what you gonna do bitch

You want her to treat your brother and your aunt and uncle/parents well so you start off with kindness. Everyone is nice and cautious of what they say and do so you don’t offend each other. After the excitement of the new wedding and wedding events (brown people feel the need to have at least 48 dinners and events or else they don’t think it’s a real wedding,) the wedding magic starts to fade you see the true versions of each other—and it might not be pretty.

When you come into a family as a daughter-in-law it can be difficult because not only to you have to make a space for yourself in your husband’s life but your in-law’s life and your husband’s extended family—at least you do in a family as close-knit as mine. It’s scary and I’m sure it’s hard to find your footing but I believe a smile and kindness goes a long way. Apparently, some people find this route too simplistic and ineffective to pursue.

I mean, how hard is it to be polite?

A Moment of Truth: I’m highly depressing on the inside, and to compensate, I am ridiculously kind and cheerful on the outside. I never want anyone else to feel as depressed and unhappy as I am, so I try to keep those around me happy with the hope that making others smile will one day make me a little bit less depressed on the inside.

Which is why it baffles me how manipulative people can be. I don’t get why people need to gossip, why do you need to tell someone else “oh did you know what my mother-in-law said about this cousin? Did you hear what this cousin said about your sisters? You know what my husband thinks about you?”

I’m not that person, nor do I aspire to be THAT daughter-in-law. Honestly, some people just can’t help but talk shit and spread gossip, maybe it makes them feel good. I wouldn’t know I don’t have those insecurities.

Honestly, some people just can’t help but talk shit and spread gossip, maybe it makes them feel good. I wouldn’t know I don’t have those insecurities. When you’re new to the family shouldn’t you be working kindly so you’re not the reason a family falls apart?

Maybe I’m just an old soul and in this generation of selfies that is how people build a family?

Like my, Queen Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

Not saying that my new sister-in-laws or old sister-in-laws have taken on these manipulative ways but I have been surprised by how kind certain new sisters were whom I previously thought I wouldn’t get along with and vice versa.

Life is interesting that way… you can never really judge a book by its cover.

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