2016 the Year of Me

These past few years the fam bam has witnessed quite a few changes, from marriages to deaths and moves across state lines. Since it’s almost New Years I’ve been looking back at all the changes that happened in my life this year and it boggles me how far I’ve come from January 2016.

Not that it has all been positive changes, by “how far I’ve come” I really mean “how dafuq did I survive?!”

Literally me, all of 2016….

rupauls drag, shock

I’ve literally just been picking up the pieces of my life and slowly backing away all throughout the year—THANK GOD I finally moved out of my parent’s house this year. I started graduate school (again) partly to avoid rishta aunties but mostly because I want to become a clinical psychologist.

Although the hold of rishta aunties on my life has loosened, it hasn’t disappeared as of yet. Big surprise there, a brown girl can never get rid of the “aunties” in her life. They go from “why aren’t your married yet? You know… I have a boy” to “Ohh how nice! You’re finally married, will we hear good news soon? Are you saving for a baby yet? you should start early.”

Aside from the highly popular topic of my tragically unmarried status, personally I have had a pretty good year. I met a lot of cool people, went on some amazing vacations with my best friends, finally made it to LA after making plans to go for years and overall I just took risks to do more things that made me happy.

I know 2016 has been absolutely insane from the deaths of so many amazing legends to Trump’s rise, to the deaths of millions in the Middle East. The latest in bad news is the passing of the legendary actress and singer Debbie Reynolds. The beautiful woman sadly passed a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher’s death.

I know she’s done a ton more memorable work, but Reynolds will always stay in my memories forever as Grandma Agatha from “HalloweenTown”—one of my favorite Disney originals.

halloweentown, debbie reynolds, being normal is vastly overrated

2016 was the year I was selfish and I’m glad  I finally took time out of my life to be me because clearly, the world is ending soon so at least I’ll go without regrets.

[Gif Source: Giphy]


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