Lessons from Farhan Azmi: How to Insult Women, your Wife, and an Entire Industry in One Tweet

A group of women was molested recently in Bengaluru, India late at night when they were out celebrating the New Year. The police are (thankfully) looking into the situation and have found evidence of the mass molestation thanks to CCTV footage from the streets the molestations occurred on.

Of course, Indian politicians being Indian politicians had some thoughts…

Samajwadi Party’s Mumbai unit chief Abu Azmi said “In these modern times, the more women are naked, the more fashionable, modern and educated they are considered. And this is increasing in the country. This is a blot on our culture,”

What the flying fuck? So only educated women are naked? An increase in education means a decrease in clothing?

Hillary Clinton, annoyed

Please tell me the statistics regarding the correlation you’ve discovered because this is news to me.

Oh, wait. HOLD UP, my man is not done yet.

clueless, cher, my bad

Speaking to news agency ANI later, he also said the following:

“In this modern age, the lesser clothes a woman is wearing, more modern she is considered. If my sister or daughter is roaming around on December 31 with random men who aren’t their husband or brother, I don’t think that’s right… If there’s petrol near fire, it will burn. If there is sugar, ants will come. A lot of people will be angry with me for saying this, but that’s alright because this is the truth.”

kelly clarkson, dafuq


Do politicians in India live in 2017 or 1817? I can’t tell. This guy just blamed the victims of an attack by claiming that they are “too westernized” and “losing their culture.”

As a politician, as a person with influence over large masses of people, what HE SHOULD HAVE said is we need to raise our sons better.

Did he say that? What, and say something sane, logical and from this century?


Who does that?

Nope, instead he decided to compare his male species to ants after sugar. He’s essentially saying that women have called the molestations on themselves because of what they wear?

sunny leone, no

In case you were not aware, a man looking to molest a girl does not give two shits about what she’s wearing—he’s wondering how to take it off quickly. You can be fully clothed and he’ll still attack, you could be in a burka and it will not hinder his motives.

Are you going to tell me when 10-year-old girls get molested it’s because their sugar-covered bodies were tempting grown men? It’s their fault for innocently playing outside in their frocks? Grown men can’t control themselves around little girls. Not too long ago I read a story of a man in India who raped a 2-year-old baby, please continue Mr. Azmi.

Tell me how this 2-year-old ENTICED a grown man to rape and kill her. She was like sugar to ants, no?

kevin hart, shock, blink

BRAH, if you’re so concerned about girls getting “too westernized” then why are you not equally concerned about the use or modern products designed by the West like, oh, I don’t know, your iPhone or Android? Isn’t taking part in products created by the West encouraging the “westernization” of the nation’s daughters?

Or perhaps you should stop men from wearing jeans and suits—stick to your salwar kameez, kurtas, and sherwanis. Why are you competing with the west in economics and technology? Why do you use paper to write on, it that was invented by the Chinese, why do the people of your nation eat pizza and fried chicken, it’s not a part of your culture.

Teach your kids how to speak in Sanskriti and devoid your nation of any product that was invented by another country, only promote your culture and country.

Stick your culture brah.

Before my brain spontaneously combusts from the ludicrousness of this man’s comments let me inform you that actress Esha Gupta tweeted her anger over his comments—probably because she was as seething with a vengeance, as I am at the moment.

Gupta tweeted “The only woman to blame here, and she probably would have blamed herself too, is the woman who unknowingly gave birth to a jerk like u#AbuAzmi.”

I don’t know if I would have brought in the man’s mother, I’m sure she’s already embarrassed enough, but I understand Gupta’s anger. However, Abu Azmi’s son Farhan replied with the following:

“Tan bechakar do rotee jo kamae use ham veshaya naam dekar zaleel karate hain, dusri or tan ki numaish kar karodon kamaane vaalon ko sammaanit @eshagupta2811 kyun? (We demean women, who earn their livelihood by offering sexual favour; whereas, women earning crores by showing off their bodies are honoured, why?)”

[Side note: Mr. Azmi, but why is your SON on Twitter? It’s an AMERICAN creation, how come you don’t stop your own son from “westernizing?” Twitter is not an Indian creation nor is it a part of the Indian culture, how come Farhan doesn’t get lectures on how he’s losing his culture, huh?]

To which Gupta simply tweeted: “It’s ok… small-minded people don’t deserve attention.”

Good for Gupta for not stooping to the low levels of Azmi 1 and 2 but again—WHAT DAFUQ?!

Farhan essentially just said that all an actress does is show off her body and implied that they should be demeaned for it instead of honored, how can you possibly defame an entire profession? Let me remind you Farhan Azmi, YOUR WIFE IS AN ACTRESS?

Yea, that’s right. Farhan Azmi is married to ACTRESS Ayesha Takia. If actresses are so damn disgraceful and out to sell their self-respect for money how come you married one of them Farhan? If they’re so offensive to you, why did you decide to bring home a girl like that?

After seeing this father and son duo I’m highly concerned about how they treat sweet Ayesha Takia—no wonder she stopped acting after marriage.

I don’t know what kind of leaders these guys are as politicians, in my wrath of raging emotions I didn’t deem it necessary to research them, but maybe they’ve helped the nation a lot.


Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, all the fucks i give


The 3 sentences they’ve spoken is enough, I don’t even want to hear how they’re going to justify themselves.

If men have so little self-control around women, it is the men who need help in changing not the women.

UPDATE: Malaika Arora had a bomb ass response to people who victim blame in cases of molestation and rape, thought I’d drop it here.

So, I went out with my girlfriends to party on the crowded streets of a Metropolitan city, they came out in large numbers and molested us…… But my safety is my responsibility so… The next time I went to a discotheque, it was enclosed and had bouncers, they came into the place and beat us up and ripped our clothes off…….But my safety is my responsibility so…. I went to a movie with a Male friend for company, they pushed me into a bus and shoved an iron rod inside my privates…….But my safety is my responsibility, so…… I went to my college, fully clad in a "decent" salwaar kameez, they caught me around a corner and squeezed my bum……But my safety is my responsibility, so…… I decided to stay at home in the comfort of my own house, they broke down the door, tied me up and videotaped the things they made me do with them…….But my safety is my responsibility, so…… I went back to live with my family feeling safe and secure with them, they were my uncles but they didn't think of me as their niece when they made me take off my clothes and have their way with me…….But my safety is my responsibility, so……. These days I sit in the bathroom, locked tight, not coming out at all. They stand on the terrace opposite to it peeking in through the bathroom window, but I don't take a bath…….because my safety is my responsibility……. Now, they have me exactly where they have always wanted me, my spirit broken, my ability to fight back gone, my will to do something destroyed…..at their mercy…..still stuck in the bathroom…..dreading the time when the knocking starts on the door as they come to get me here too. I am that Indian Woman who can excel at sports, win medals for the Country, join the Army, become a CEO, go to the outer space and be the talk of the world…..only if I can come out of this bathroom……But my safety is my responsibility, so…. Disclaimer: Girls wearing short clothes and drinking and partying are copying the Western culture.Boys who molest them r copying the Indian culture???

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