How do People Function in Grad School?

I don’t understand how some people can go to school, work full time, study, read for class, eat on time, sleep 6 hours a day, do extra research projects on the side, work out, have their eyebrows done, look like a normal human being, have decent winged eyeliner and be able to breathe and walk at the same time?

pero like…. how?

If I focus on school I can’t work as many hours and I have rent+bills+ alcohol to pay for and if I put in more hours at work my school work falls behind and then I need more alcohol.

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I have given up on winged eyeliner and decent eyebrows… don’t even ask how I manage to look like a normal human and I still have trouble walking and breathing but that might be because I’m an obese marshmallow and I need to work out—another thing I don’t have time to do and barely manage to pay for.

Some of these girls in my doctoral program have their shit together and I’m like…


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Please tell me your secrets, I need to know, I honestly don’t know how to reorganize my life. There are random bursts of energy I get where I can manage to do it all and I’m on top of my game got my brows did and all that ish.

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But those moments are short lived and get thrown off easily by something as nonsensical as a kit-kat bar that leads me down a dark hole of binge watching shows, mid-day naps, and carbohydrate-infested foods.

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It’s rough times in the kingdom my friend…. rough times.

I need some way to keep on track and not get distracted so easily.  Working from home enables my laziness I really need to get on a schedule. I like charts, maybe I could make a chart?

Then again I’m likely to spend more time making the chart than actually using it. You know what I need?

A shuga daddy.

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If he can pay for my bills, my life would be so much easier. Aren’t there websites for this? I’m seriously contemplating this now. Hey, If I can find a man who looks like….

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