Welcome to the uninhibited mind of your favorite Besharam Ladki (shameless girl).

A drama queen since birth I am the star of my own reality show, a fashionista with the fashion stylings of Dora the Explorer, a geek who keeps going back to school to avoid marriage and a Bollywood obsessed blogger. I am a  clinical psychology doctoral student with seven years of journalistic experience. Writing for other publications has its limits so I decided to create an outlet to write for myself, and provide a space for my friends to chime in if they please.

My life is always a hot mess and I tend to speak recklessly without thinking—thus the name Besharam Ladki. I think I’m ridiculously funny, so yea… now you’re all privy to the insanity that is the mind of this besharam ladki. 

Stay Shameless!

Besharam Ladki