Halloween with LIZA!

Liza Koshy is like my spirit animal. I love her so much. She’s so hilarious and it’s absolutely natural. It’s not like she does elaborate skits for attention, it is literally an effortless thing for her. I’m dying over this Halloween costumes for babies video of her. I can’t believe she fits into these tiny things!…

navin kundra

#OnRepeat: Navin Kundra’s “Bandagi”

British Asian singer Navin Kundra is one of the few urban desi artists that have real singing talent. Though he may use it, he’s one of those artists that don’t need any auto-tune or fancy equipment to sound pleasing. Navin’s voice quality is amazing! I’m actually frustrated that he doesn’t get the attention he deserves…

sidharth malhotra, jacqueline fernandez

A Gentleman: What is this 90s Shiz?

The handsome Sidharth Malhotra and the stunningly sweet Jacqueline Fernandez star in the new action thriller, “A Gentleman.” Sid has some sort of double role as good guy Gaurav and secret agent Rishi. Sexy Jacky’s character is set up with Gaurav, and though she likes him she wants some more spice in her life. When…

raftaar and norah fatehi

India’s so-called “First Dancehall Track”

Raftaar’s latest track, “Baby Marvake Maanegi” is touted as “India’s First Dancehall Song.” I’m sorry, what? This is most definitely NOT dancehall. They have a watered down old dancehall beat in the background and a booty-shaking video girl, that is not a dancehall song. The track itself is a good song and nice to dance…


Shout out to Germany one time!

So… oddly I have a lot of readers from Germany. Word, I know I was shocked too. But I’d like to thank my German readers for taking the time to read my nonsense. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I really do appreciate it. -Much Love ❤